Account Features

True Domain Name
Each of our web sites comes with its very own domain name that you decide. So, for example, the name of the web site might be A true domain is when you get your very own unique IP address on the web server. Now 2 domains available for the same site!

No Hassle Domain Name Registration
Open a new account and, if you choose, we will automatically register your domain name. The fee is only $40 for 2 years. That's a savings of up to $20 compared to other registrar!

Personal Control Panel
Gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your options. With the click of the mouse, you can administer your web space, your e-mail accounts, your web directories, your CGI-bin, and some of the extra features, such as site statistics and shopping carts. Your control panel is easy to get to, just go to

Site Builder Software
With our powerful, user friendly Site Builder Software, you can quickly build and maintain your own web site! This unique, intuitive tool comes with every KeyServ account. Using the Design Wizard, you can build your own professional-looking web site in minutes.

Site Statistics
Track your hits, pageviews, most popular pages and referral sites in your control panel.

E-mail Addresses
Our e-mail addresses are very flexible. You can set them up as POP boxes which store mail, e-mail aliases which redirect mail to another box within your site, e-mail forwarding which sends mail outside your site or as autoresponders, which sends a message to your senders. You can also check your mail online through your control panel (also known as Web mail).

Data Transfer
This is the amount of network traffic related to your site. A large number of sites have less than 200MB of traffic per month, but popular sites could use three or four times that.

24/7 FTP Access
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload and download files. Most web site design programs such as Adobe Pagemill, Dreamweaver, GoLive, HomeSite, Netscape Communicator and NetObjects Fusion use FTP to maintain your site.

The form-to-mail script takes the contents of a form submission and e-mail's you the results to the address you specify.

Search Engine Script
If you would like an internal search engine on your web site, just install this script through your control panel.

Page Access Counters
Our access counter script can be installed on as many pages as you choose at no extra charge. It will display the number of visitors you have had to your web site.

Your own CGI-bin
Most of your accounts come with their own CGI-bin which allows you to run executable files from for your web site.

Access to raw logs
If you prefer to use your own statistic analysis program, you can access your raw logs through your control panel.

Anonymous FTP
Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via ftp without a password.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists allow you to send e-mail to a large number of contacts in a very efficient manner. You can manage the mailing list through the control panel.

Password Protected Pages
You can use the control panel to specify which users are allowed to access certain pages on your site. When visitors click on a certain URL, they are requested to enter a username and password which you manage through the control panel.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Server
In order to perform secure transactions on the web using you need a hosting company that will support SSL. In order for SSL to function for your domain, you must acquire a secure certificate from or You can generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install the certificate with the Control Panel.

Shopping Cart Program
A full featured shopping cart system is available with KeyServ's CommercePlus plan.

MySQL database support
MySQL is our GNU database of choice. Your MySQL database can be accessed and managed through your control panel.

Ability to Park Domains
You can have more than one domain name resolving at the same IP number and content holding site. For example, you can park to

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